6 Tips to Drive Efficiently in The City And on Highways

Whether you use a petrol-driven car or a diesel-driven one, it is imperative to make the best use of the fuel to protect the environment and save your hard-earned money. While it is always easier to blame the engine, the truth is your driving style plays a crucial role in determining the fuel efficiency of your car. Here’re a few tips to help boost your car’s fuel economy.

1. Drive within speed limits

Driving at high speedsis not only risky but also highly inefficient. As per some estimates, driving at high speeds reduces efficiency by as high as 33%. The more you accelerate, the more is the wastage of fuel. If you’re driving a car with a manual transmission, keeping a moderate throttle position and shifting gears between 2000-2500 rpm will ensure a better efficiency. Minimizing the instances of heavy breaking could also diminish fuel consumption, as well as wear and tear. Another way of cutting the fuel wastage is short shifting or shifting to higher gears as and when the required speed is achieved.

2. Avoid idling for more than 1 minute

While idling at the red lights or because of any other reason for more than 60 seconds, switch off the engine to save fuel. Most car users are aware of this fact but many don’t follow this. With a little practice, you can develop this habit and make your drive more economical.

3. Keep adequate tyre pressure

Anything wrong with your tyres is sure to affect your car’s fuel efficiency. Maintain the stipulated pressure in all your tyres and make sure that they are properly aligned and balanced to get an enhanced mileage.

4. Maintain a steady speed

Frequent dips and bursts of acceleration consume a lot of fuel. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you and drive at a uniform speed to get more out of every litre of fuel. The cruise control feature available nowadays in several cars is quite effective in maintaining a uniform speed while driving on the highways.

5. Switch off the ACin heavy traffic conditions

Owing to the enhanced pressure on the engine in stop-and-go traffic conditions, the fuel consumption increases considerably. In line with this, it is advisable to avoid using the AC, if possible, in such conditions for a better mileage. On the contrary, on highways, it can be achieved when the windows are rolled up and the AC is on.

6. Do away with the excess weight

Excess weight affects the fuel efficiency of your car during city driving. In order avoid this, get rid of all unnecessary items in the car.

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