3 Motoring Mistakes That Cost You Money

Nissan finance is a great way to fund the purchase of your next car, but there are other mistakes that can cost you money. From avoid essential maintenance and being disorganised, cutting corners can cost you money. Even if you buy the most economical car that has the best fuel economy, and you have the best financing, it’s still possible to get things wrong. Here are three common motoring mistakes that are costing you money.

1. Streaming Music and Maps:

If your car comes with a Satellite Navigation system, you’re fine for mapping to your destination. However, if you’re streaming Google maps as an alternative, you will eat into the data plan for your phone in short order. This is especially true on longer trips, where the extended usage costs even more. This is also true if you’re streaming content, such as podcasts, videos, and music, for yourself and your passengers. This can be addressed by using a little pre planning for your road trip. A Satellite Navigation device can help, the offline option for Google Maps is useful, and you could load up a device with the media for your journey to save on data costs.

2. Making Too Many Right Turns:

Back in 2004, UPS carried out an experiment with their delivery routes and instituted a policy for their drivers to avoid left turns. This followed a study that showed that routes with many left hand turns might look shorter on paper but actually consumed more fuel. This occurred, because of traffic lights and junctions where fuel usage was raised, and there was a greater chance of an accident occurring. In Australia, this would be the equivalent of turning right across traffic, and this should be kept in mind when you plan a route for a trip.

3. Aggressive Driving:

Driving aggressively, engaging sports mode and screaming around corners can be fun, but it isn’t great for your wallet. The most obvious aspect here is the increased fuel use that occurs when you go to heavy on the accelerator. However, there are other things to consider; heavy accelerating usually leads to heavy braking. This can cause excessive wear and tear for your brake pads, causing them to need replacing earlier than necessary. Driving fast also wears down the tread on your tyres faster and puts additional strain on your suspension. The cost of correcting these problems can be prohibitive and is easily avoided by driving more conservatively.

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