3 Driving Mistakes to Avoid in Your Skoda Superb Wagon

The Skoda Superb wagon is an excellent car to drive, but many people make surprising mistakes when driving. Some of these mistakes occur because of inattention and others are ingrained bad practices that have become a habit over time. When we first learn to drive, every aspect of our driving is given our full attention. As time goes by, we don’t give our driving the respect that it deserves, here are three common driving mistakes to avoid.

1. A Lack of Attention:

We’ve already mentioned this, but it’s so important it needs to be explored in more detail. The perspective on a lack of attention has been squarely focussed on the brief distraction that causes an accident. However, in reality, we have all seen people texting and applying makeup when they should be concentrating on their driving. Some people can spend long periods of time adjusting their radio, with no eyes on the road for literally minutes at a time. Try to minimise distractions as much as possible and if you do need to do something, get it done quickly and get back to driving.

2. Excessive Signalling:

This can be over signalling or under signalling, but in either case, it can be confusing for other road users. Some drivers, signal for a turn far too early and others leave their signalling too late or don’t even bother to signal. The roundabout is the best way to observe this sort of behaviour and some drivers cause utter confusion about where they are trying to turn off. Signal wisely, turn off the signals when you’re done and don’t signal too early to too late.

3. Tailgating:

This is a very bad practice, sitting on another car’s bumper to pressure the other driver into a reaction is very dangerous. Making another driver nervous can easily cause them to crack under the pressure and make a potentially fatal mistake. It’s also a crazy thing to do as you can damage your own car and place your life at risk. If the driver in front brakes unexpectedly, there is no time to react and a collision will occur. This is obviously worse at higher speeds, and the resulting accident could cause a tail back that will affect many other road users. Use the two second rule, pick a road side marker, watch the car in front pass it and then try to count to two seconds. If you reach two seconds, you are far enough away, if not you need to overtake or drop back a little.

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