Voice Recorders – A Brief Outline

Voice Recorder is a digital and handheld device that is used to record short messages or reminders. It is lightweight and uses AAA batteries. These recorders have flash memories with the ability to store hundreds of messages. These messages can be retrieved through direct access when the message numbers are added.

Digital voice recorders have become widely available as the prices have gone down even though the technology has advanced. Every recorder today has an in-built microphone to record voice with a flash memory card.

There are many types of voice recorders and some of the popular ones are listed below:

  • Field Recorders: This type of audio recorder is designed to capture sounds outside and combines field and voice recording. These recorders have in-built effects, several recording modes and stereo microphone patterns. They have a screen that displays the levels and audio tracks. The field recorders are used by reporters to conduct interviews.
  • Pen Recorder: They are available in the form of a pen and can be switched on with the press of a button. There is no display due to the small size, but they allow us to playback and record audio. You can slip it into your pocket, and no one will notice as it looks just like any other pen. Once switched on, it will start recording without grabbing any attention.
  • Mini Sound Recorders: Just like their name, they are tiny electronic gadgets shaped like a USB flash drive or a similar storage device. They don’t have displays as they are minimal. If the recorder is on a USB, however, you can connect it to your PC or laptop and transfer files from it. To connect with your device, you can plug it with the cable provided for your device’s port. Double click the recorder icon on your desktop computer to open it. These recorders work swiftly in just one touch and once connected to your device, you can copy and paste files as usual. Most of these recorders come in 2GB and 4GB models and the larger ones are just being developed.

With advancements in technology, there are newer models of voice recorders available in the market these days. Online voice recorders are readily available and you can run them on your browser too. There are several websites offering the online service wherein, the voice can be edited as per your choice. Different formats are also available for saving your recorded voice as the format changes from region to region.

At the same time, you will also come across several scamming websites with pop-ups, ads and even virus attacks. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always upload or download only from reliable sources so as to get valuable results. There are free online voice recorders available to record your voice through the microphone option which can then be edited for further use. Always do thorough research before settling with one.

There are several reasons why a voice recorder is a must-have for many. You could use it to capture ideas from anyone or perhaps being a journalist, you could use to grab some great ideas for your following works.

Many lyricists use voice recorders to record their songs when they are not in their studio. Several entrepreneurs also use a voice recorder to document the main points during a meeting or conference. Some students use it to mark important parts of lessons to help them with their studies.

Police investigators use the online voice recorders to take notes when they are in their field. Nurses and doctors also use the online voice recorders to capture notes about their patients and note down information rather than relying on the written ones.

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