Tips To Dance Gracefully

Pasadena Cultural Dance Academy by famous non profit organization Sri Lanka Foundation has started its dance and drum playing classes on weekends. If you have started attending dance classes for Sri Lankan Folk Dances, you may be worried about dancing elegantly or gracefully. We are presenting some important tips to help you in dancing with grace.

Be Vigorous

Being Vigorous mean you have to be full of life and more energetic, so that you can perform every dance step with joy and liveliness. Dance is all about expression, steps and movement and you have to be ready to grasp something new in every class. If you do not have energy, each movement and facial expression is ineffective and boring. So be energetic and lively while attending folk dance classes of the Sri Lankan Dancing Academy in Los Angeles.

Have Passion for Dance

Nothing works if you do not have passion for anything you learn and do. So passion is the most important thing if you want to join a dance class in Pasadena Cultural Dance Academy. You cannot put your heart and soul if you do not like something, so be passionate about the dance.

Stretch Your Body

While taking dance classes, remember to focus on stretching your body parts. Focusing on every body part may be difficult for you, in this case you should pay attention on the extremities such as hands, head, and feet. By stretching these body parts, you can extend all the limbs effectively. It will also help you to improve your body posture while dancing and get better shape and fitness level.

Practice More

Make a routine to dance for at least an hour every day so that you can get perfection. You must have heard the proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect”, so follow it thoroughly.

Work on Balancing your body

No matter you are learning a folk dance or a contemporary dance form, your body must be balanced. Keep a book on your head and walk without letting the book to fall or shake off. If you want to be an elegant dancer, you must know controlling the each movement of your body. This exercise will help you to make a proper balance in your body. Walking with a book on your head makes you learn to move steadily and adds quality in your dancing style.

Find a good dance learning center

Finding a good dancing academy is essential if you want to add perfection and professionalism in your dancing skills. Get enrolled in the most effective dance class in your area. The dance expert or teacher will help you recognize even the smallest mistake in your moves and help you to get better step.

Sri Lankan Dancing Academy in Los Angeles is a part of the Sri Lanka Foundation, a nonprofit organization in LA, USA. Sri Lankan Traditional Drumming Center in Los Angeles also offers drum playing classes for the expatriate Sri Lankan community and other interested people in the United States and globally. More info:

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