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The first television hot news for the day is about Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. We hear that romance is all set to take a shocking turn in in the upcoming episodes of the show. The daily has been focusing on the young love between Adi and Aaliya. The two who had a tough time in confessing their love to each other have finally found solace and are enjoying the fragrance of new romance in their lives. But soon, daddy dearest Raman will decide to play spoilsport and create problems in their relationship. A source revealed that Raman will threaten Adi that he will have to choose between Aaliya and his family. The young boy would be left in a maze and going safe, would choose to stick with his near ones. While on the other hand, Aaliya will be asked by Mani to stay grounded and forbid her to meet Adi. Now isn’t that’s sad? A good thing coming from the separation will be that both will realise how much they love each other. They will decide that they will overcome all odds and get back together. Will Adi and Aaliya be able to unite? Will the families allow them to get together?

The second television gossip for the day is about actress Deboshree Biswas who essayed the popular role of Menka in Star Plus’ Suhani Si Ek Ladki. The lovely actress believes in balancing her personal and professional lives very well. Her biggest passion is to travel and enjoy life as she travels. Presently, Deboshree is holidaying in the exotic locales of Goa. The actress who has quit the show is pampering herself in this exotic location. She said that she loves to travel and fill her life with experiences and not with things so that she has her own story to tell. Her only take in life is that all should not be so busy in making our career that they forget to make their own life. Deboshree who has been portraying the role of Menka to great elan is completely opposite to her popular onscreen character in real life, especially in terms of her look. The actress quipped that she has a great sense of dressing which she fulfills while travelling because she doesn’t have that liberty when she is shooting. She loves accessories, but hate make-up. She believes in making memories and not collecting materialistic things. She goes on to add that even in these three years in Suhani, she has traveled a lot and made memories and even this trip to Goa was planned way back. But the only unplanned thing was her quitting the show as the leap came as a surprise. Deboshree did not want to age on-screen, and decided to opt out of Suhani Si Ek Ladki post the leap. On the kind of roles she will look for now, the actress avers that she wants to do a role which will be even more challenging than Menka.

So, these were television hot news for the day. Stay tuned for more such television gossip about your favorite TV shows and celebrities.

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