Planning a DIY Abstract Art Painting for a Weekend Activity with the Kids

With the busy school and work hours during the working days, family time is pushed to weekends. This is the time when you as parents can plan interesting activities that will not only create a bonding time with the kids but will also are a learning experience for them.

Abstract painting can be insightful while it also gives you a canvas to open upon. Kids might not know much about art but they are still great at opening up and being creative on pieces of paper.

Planning an artistic activity with the kids can be a fun way to spend the weekend at home, especially in these uncertain times when everything from schools and work has moved online.

Kids love making a mess so why not let them have a day where they can get messy all they want but in the end, you will end up with a bunch of masterpieces that you can hang around the house in their rooms or the lounge.

Below are steps to prepare for the weekend activity:

  1. The first step would be to gather all the basic things you and the kids will need, from brushes to paints and sponges to add in an extra trick while painting. You will also need canvases along with a paint mixing plate.
  2. Let’s try to keep the kids from getting too much crazy. Use old newspapers to place on the ground to avoid it getting stained, or take the activity to the garage or away from the interior of the house like sofa and carpets. If the only open space is near an interior item then remember to cover it with a plastic sheet.
  3. Give the kids each a paintbrush and guide them on how to mix colors in the mixing plate. Hold their hands and guide them in their first abstract stroke and then let them make their own art painting.
  4. Encourage the kids to make different shapes and let them use the sponge to create texture. The kids will be needing guidance from time to time so the adults should be painting nearby as well.

Expect a lot of strokes of different sizes and shapes in different colors in the kid’s abstract art painting.

5. Another easy DIY abstract art idea is getting them to use the tape technique; if they have trouble creating straight lines with the tape then no need to guide their hand as that itself will be their way of expressing their artistic side. Let them use their own choice of colors and positions to paint from.

6. After the kid’s abstract art is complete, let it dry and rest.

You can get their artwork framed to add to their ever-growing memories or add their paintings to a scrapbook that you can use to store all their creative endeavors.

You can arrange different drawing and painting activities like these to encourage your kids to be creative and learn new ways to paint and create art, be it abstract or traditional.

When the kids are given free rein to create whatever is on their mind they will learn better and tend to turn out more creative. Restraining the creative abstract ideas of your kids while they play or even while they are painting an abstract art painting will not only limit their creative thinking but will also make them dependent on you for their daily activities.

Abstract art makes them free-spirited and confident in their skill. They will flourish and keep learning new skills while trusting the process of learning. If restricted they will fall short in trying to be creative and will not try to learn any new methods or ways of making abstract pieces of art.

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