Paintings in The Interior

Paintings in the interior.

Perfect finishing touch

Canvases depicting flowers are a very popular element in interior design. They can bring a nice spring feeling to any interior, a sense of joy and freedom. They can enliven any room, even a simply decorated one. These painted sunflowers here(×30.html) are a great example of colorful still life painting that will be a perfect finishing touch to your home.

Tips for pictures in the interior

  • It is better to hang several paintings on the wall that doesn’t get a lot of sun light and use some artificial lighting in order to accentuate them.
  • You can visually balance the proportions of furniture using pictures: place a large painting above a massive couch and it will visually appear smaller.
  • If you have several paintings in one style you can organize a home gallery and hang them next to each other. Please keep in mind that their frames should also be matching.
  • The background for a painting should not be a bright and solid colored wall. Not every canvas will look beneficial on a brightly colored wall, as all the attention might be drawn to the wall itself, not to the painting. If you do have a bright wall and still want to hang a painting there, it’s better to consult a professional interior designer or a gallery consultant who will definitely help you choose an appropriate piece. Make sure the tone of the wall is not the same as in the painting; otherwise they will visually blend together. If you still want to make it work, use a frame of a contrasting color.
  • Nowadays, you can find a great variety of frames. They have different shapes, colors, styles and are made of different materials. Wooden frames are the most popular ones. They can also be made of plastic or metal. While choosing the right framing for your painting make sure it goes well together with your furniture and the overall style of you r house.

Well-selected paintings and other interior design items will help you create an atmosphere of harmony, warmth and beauty in your home. If you are not sure if you can implement all of your ideas and dreams and make then turn into reality, there are many professionals who will be ready to help you decorate your perfect house. They can recommend to you the best art galleries where you can even shop online

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