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It can be difficult to discover nearby parties for the weekend when you’re on Facebook or Snapchat. Often the quick Google search isn’t enough to find that cool party that everyone is attending. The LitCircle app works on your smart phone so you can find the next great party in a snap of your fingers.

The LitCircle app is perfect for people who wish to celebrate a special event – a promotion, graduation, or friend’s birthday . This app will help you to find parties in your city tonight. Streamline the best local events this weekend to make your decision about where to go with your friends and what event is best.

The next step is to share the event with all your friends through the app. They will find the local event you are attending and join you or at the very least see how you spent your night. Not only do you get to find the city’s best parties, but you can invite your friends to the local neighborhood parties.

The app also allows you to build a party list. You can add friends to your party list and it can work as a central meeting point where friends can check in. It gives them one spot where everyone can share all the great events happening in LA, whether that night, or even months ahead.

The LitCircle app has been engineered strictly for Hollywood by a team in Los Angeles. It enables party goers to organize their nights, and to find local events. The owners created the app out of a love for the LA party scene, but realized the need to not only have local events advertised, but to connect party goers to these great local LA events. They realized that people may find it difficult to gather a group of friends together for the usual Facebook messaging and texting that normally happens, and can frustrate the most patient person who simply wants to attend local LA events.

The LA party app focuses on millennials who love the idea of attending massive parties. These parties may be public, but LitCircle also organizes parties too, to help promote the app. The app is designed to enhance local nightlife, and give you the opportunity to meet thousands of people.

Within the LA party app you’ll find a screen with a variety of information to help you navigate and connect with friends. There are videos and flyers of events, and an interactive map of where each event will be located.

At the bottom of the screen is a spot where you can connect with your friends. It displays a photo and name, and the time they posted. Friends can respond with questions and comments.

At the bottom of the LA party app screen is a set of icons which will take you quickly from home, videos, share, or friends. During an event you can share the night’s highlights with everyone by capturing video.

If you want to find LA parties to attend tonight, LitCircle can be downloaded on the App Store. Soon you’ll be able to connect your friends and meet at LA parties.

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