Landscapes in The Interior

Landscapes in the interior

Not an easy decision

Often a landscape in the interior is not simply one of the variants of interior design; it’s a very well-thought decision. It’s absolutely clear that the owner of a house, office or a study with a landscape painting in it is a person who is close to nature. Sometimes it might be easier to find an abstract painting, a cityscape, or something else than a landscape. However, if you want to decorate your house with places that you love, visited or would like to visit, it will be quite simple. Look at this painting of forest fog here(×30.html) in Leonid Afremov’s virtual gallery. It will be an excellent piece for any interior.

A great variety of landscape paintings

  • A landscape with mountains;
  • A river valley;
  • An expense of a lake;
  • An impetuous waterfall;
  • Fog in the forest;

All these things can find a place in the interior. The variety and beauty of nature all over the world is amazing and impressive. It will be possible to find a piece that will satisfy a very picky person with a very sophisticated taste. You can choose bright and juicy landscapes or blurry foggy pieces; classical realistic-looking paintings or black and white or abstract pictures- anything you want to surround yourself with. Don’t forget that paintings depicting flowers don’t always mean still life. If they are depicted in their natural environment or on a natural background they are considered to be landscapes. Many art galleries are trying to make the very hard choice of a canvas a little easier for you and are sorting paintings by geographical location, theme, genre, format and style. A horizontal format, for instance, is great for beautiful panoramic painting. It fully shows all of the advantages of these pieces. Such kinds of paintings won’t look good in a vertical format, as it’s best for waterfalls, flowers and trees.

You don’t have to buy a huge painting for your interior in order for it to be considered a piece of art. You can start with something smaller. It can be a series of paintings of small sizes united by the same theme. You will need to put them on one wall and make sure they all have the same framing. Framing, by the way, is not less important than a picture itself. It should correspond to the style of the painting and to the overall interior of the house.

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