Islamic Art – A Treasured Way to Spiritual Gains

Let the Brush Paint from Heart that’s Pure & Free!

Islamic art with all its diversity has a recognizable aesthetic signature belonging not only to respective religion, but also address the Islamic societies and what culture they express. There is no thumb rule and as the Muslim society varies from Asia to Far East and Africa, so does the Islamic art.

The Best Thing So Far is Islamic Art’s Healing Power. Yes, verses from the Quran when seen engraved on mosques and mausoleums calm down the disturbed souls. For instance, the famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) in Istanbul is a crowning jewel of traditional Islamic architecture of Ottoman era. One of my friends, upon visiting this place confirms the fact-Islamic art calligraphy soothes you the deepest. The mosque’s interior decor includes Quranic verses crafted by one of the greatest calligraphers of his time-Seyyid Kasim Gubari. This 17th century calligrapher also inscribed the names of the Islamic caliphs in addition to the holy verses amazingly on the tablets on mosque’s walls.

Calligraphy-A Unique Feature of Islamic art

In the Islamic world, the art of calligraphy is extensively used in diversified ways ranging from writing words on paper with pen to far beyond the amazingly varied styles using different art forms and materials. None of the paintings types has ever experienced this much diversity.

Islamic Calligraphy- The Noblest of All Forms of Visual Arts

Islamic Calligraphy is one of the most gallant and noble art forms as it gives a distinctive, decorative form to the words of the Quran. It’s the beautiful amalgam of geometric discipline and dynamic rhythm. Amazingly, none of its styles opted by different artists of different times and places till date have ever been neglected. It appears as the conventional iconography of the modern art.

The endless versatility, creativity and innovation of the Islamic calligraphic art is not only its artistry flair, but also the equilibrium maintained by calligraphers while transmitting the sacred text onto the canvas and expressing its meaning supported through the formal aesthetic code.

The Perks of Savoring Islamic Art Calligraphy

Islamic art calligraphy, I believe, is a spiritual path that leads to that tranquility of the heart that all sages across different cultures talk about.

  • Reconnection with your Faith

Islamic art calligraphy helps you in reconnecting with your faith. Often it happens that worldly chores take us off the track and all of a sudden a beautiful piece of calligraphy hit our way, may be in someone’s home or workplace, giving us the sense of something missing in our lives. At this verge, an originally noble soul will certainly start travelling in the right direction toward God.

  • Brings Uniformity in the Diversity

Islamic art calligraphy provides us with the opportunity to stay related with different nations and ethnicities that makes the Islamic sphere complete. The language this art form speaks is universal indeed and brings the hospitality and peacefulness for all regardless of any specific doctrine. It helps assimilating and building all nations together with the thread of unity.

  • A Spiritual Journey for Craving Souls

The human spirit remains on exploring its true self and Islamic calligraphy is one of the best ways in this regard. The words of Quran inscribed on the canvas or the names of Allah or that of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) when hanged on your wall will give you spiritual vibes. Every time you see it, you will feel like connected to your God. And, as you read it, you will be rewarded for this pious act. Isn’t it an amazing, fruitful deed?

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