Interesting About Our Memory

Interesting about our memory

Change your recollections

Our memory is very picky and subjective. We subconsciously suppress some of our bad memories, and some pictures from the past change under the influence of our present. It often happens automatically; however, what it would it be like if we could get rid of some memories whenever we wanted? After all, some recollections are good and can inspire and motivate us further in life, while others are very bad and can even completely destroy us mentally; that’s why it would be fantastic to just cut out all of the bad memories we have had. Some scientists say that there are some ways to control them. One of them, for instance, is hanging a life painting here in your room or an office. A canvas about life is a great way to:

  1. Inspire and motivate you day after day;
  2. Daily delight your eyes;
  3. Be a center spot of your interior.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that it should evoke only positive emotions and bring good memories. After some time you’ll hopefully forget some of your unpleasant memories. However, were your memories really so bad?

Tricks of our memory

Some scientists that study memory say that we can subconsciously transform some of our recollections. Every time we recall and retell things that happened to us in our childhood, for example, we accidentally might embezzle other people’s memories that never actually happened to us. Does it sound familiar? Here’s a great example. All your life you thought that you had a pair of absolutely gorgeous striped tights that made you look like a bee, and you would spend hours buzzing around the house while wearing them. During one of your family gatherings you, for some reason, remember them and decide to tell your family. Then suddenly your sister starts arguing with you and says that they were hers. She claims that you never had stripy tights and the ones with golden stars were yours. She also recollects how you would climb on a chair and sing Twinkle, twinkle little star while wearing those tights. You two look confused as the memories of one of you are not correct. Even your parents can’t help you now because they have simply forgotten about your tights as they probably were not the thing that made their day, month or even year. It’s a very common situation that happens especially often with childhood memories- we mix our memories with someone else’s.

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