Getting The Best Out of Your Acrylic Colours

Through the ages, painting has been a hobby that has captured the hearts and minds of so many people. Since the early ages of pigments and inks to the now modern acrylic colours, colour pencils and oil pastels in India, paints and the painting process has come a long way. Many new artists these days have taken up as their paint of choice, simply because of its versatility. Acrylic colours merge the best of the worlds of oil pastels in India and water colours.

In order to bring out the best of the wonder that is , we give you a few tips and tricks. When well used, these tips will help you optimise your art work and ensure you use all the benefits of . Whether you prefer colour pencils over Acrylics colours or if you believe that you get a better deal by using oil pastels in India, we’ll show you that the end results of using trumps all others.

Tip 1 – Dry Brush Acrylic Colour Painting

One of the ways to paint with acrylic colours is to use the dry brush technique. As the name suggests, you use a dry brush with your . This way, the will be at maximum opacity. This is the method used if you’d like to add texture and height to your paintings. The thing about though, is that they dry quickly – very quickly! If you are attempting to use this method to paint with your acrylic colours, be sure to be quick and have a fair layout of what you are going to paint.

Tip 2 – Washing with Acrylic Colours

By adding water to your you can achieve the effect of water colours. When used correctly, these can give you the translucency of water colours. The only notable difference in the two is that unlike water colours, acrylic colours set permanently. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. A few too many water colour paintings have been lost to the monsoon climate of India. This technique will work great for landscape paintings painted with acrylic colours.

Tip 3 – Palette Knives and Acrylic Colours

Although this technique of painting with may seem intimidating, it’s not. Even beginners can aim to achieve an artsy look by using this ‘advanced’ method of painting with acrylic colours. Bring out the Van Gogh in you and detail your paintings with a palette knife. Simply take a larger amount of out on a palette and smear it on the canvas you are working on. The acrylic colours will spread with brilliant texture, almost adding another dimension to your work. Once this is semi dry, you can add more detail in the acrylic colour by using the edge of the palette knife.

By using these simple, yet very effective techniques, it’s sure to convert any novice with acrylic colours to pro in no time! So now it’s only a matter or picking up a brush (or a palette knife) and a tube of acrylic colours to begin your own journey.

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