Dj, a Multitask Profession

We all love music. But, there are certain people who are insanely in love with it. They have a different bond with music, they understand it and it runs in their veins. Yes, we see them in almost every party we attend. The guys with the headphones on, cheering up the crowd and mixing up music making the guests go crazy on floor, A DJ. Undisputedly, it is the music played at party, which decides how happening the party will be. The skills of the party DJ determine the time guests would spend in the party. They get to listen to music all the time, and then get paid to play what they feel to a crowd of people. It might seem to be a great career choice to many individuals. But it is not as easy as it sounds. It is a multi tasking job and sometime it can cause a lot of stress.

A DJ is not only responsible for playing the songs. He plays multiple roles of Public speaker, Crowd controller, Peacemaker, etc depending on the crowd they are dealing with. It might sound strange but that is a fact. A DJ has to understand the crowd and their mood and accordingly mix the music. He should understand what the need of the situation is and accordingly decide whether he should play a rock song, a Bollywood number or fade in the background if there is some special moment.

DJ has to be a lively individual who can cheer up the crowd using his microphone whenever needed. They have to play an anchor at many events to make special announcements and keep the things going whenever requested. And believe us, it is not an easy task to make hundreds of people follow you. They should be energetic, enthusiastic as well as witty to keep the aura happening. They should connect with the crowd and keep them going with a regular dose of cheer up whenever they get low.

Almost in every wedding there are certain ‘Foofaji, Mamaji, Mausaji, etc’ who have their own dance moves. Infact, they discover their own dance form as soon as they are few pegs down. It sometimes makes a DJ’s work easier by adding some entertainment. But, many times it creates an unwanted mess or disputes over small things on floor. They have their own choice of songs ranging from ‘Kala chashma’ to ‘ Do ghuttpila de’. Dj has to be really tolerant with them. He has to play a ‘peacemaker’ in those situation by handling them with great patience. They have to take care of various song requests and the mood of the party too and sometimes it can really get on their nerves.

Sometimes, they also have to take care of themselves and their equipments when handling the crazy crowd poring champagne all over the floor and dancing like crazy freaks. Not only while playing, but ‘off job’ as well they take care of a lot of stuff. Transportation, equipment handling and keeping their playlists updated with latest tracks is also a part of a DJ’s job. So, being a DJ is not about playing records, it is about how you blow the minds with your music and charisma.

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