Dance And Music Learning Centers in Chandigarh, Panchkula And Mohali

It’s usually said that sometimes music represent your life .You sometimes see your own story in music. Whenever you are in a bad mood or need a break from hectic schedule you usually listen to music .Dancing also play a very important part in our lives .We get rejuvenated after dancing. According to a survey also music and dancing helps in the mental development of a child.

Sense of unity is always found whenever you are dancing .both dancing and music can provide a lot of entertainment -fun and laughter.

They are also a form of exercise and very beneficial for one’s body .its provide physical and mental refreshment and relaxation.Our emotions get out while dancing and listening to music.It relieves the stress from every once life .It improves the confidence and self esteem of a person.

Music is a workmanship that assembles sounds in a way that individuals like or find intriguing. Most music incorporates individuals singing with their voices or playing musical instruments, for example, the piano, guitar, or drums. The word music originates from the Greek word μουσική (mousike), which implies “(workmanship) of the Muses”.

Encourages the creativity and imagination of human beings which is one of the greatest gifts as human beings.

Depression which is spreading amongst the new generation on a very fast basis can be reduced by dance and music. then we say music is the main part of our life.

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There have been so many dance and music learning centers in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali .Parents are not only sending their kids there but they are also going there to learn the new form of music and dance. Earlier it used to be for the summers holidays only but these days they are full time and for the whole year. It’s an opportunity for people who stay in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali to learn new skills and be the idols of many contests and competitions.

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