Cat Paintings in Your Home Decor

Our dear pets

There is probably no such person in the world who doesn’t love pets. Our furry friends spend their entire life by our side and remain faithful to us whatever happens. Sometimes they can show even more devotion than people. Today, you can get yourself almost any pet you want, including exotic beasts like snakes, iguanas and even bears. But none of them will give you as much love and tenderness as a cat. These whiskered cuties have been among our favorites since ancient times. We treat them as family members surrounding them with comfort and care and they pay us back with sincere and warm feelings. Is it any wonder cat themes are so popular in interior design? Paintings of our feline companions are available in a vast number of styles. These tips will help you pick proper cat imagery for your wall decor.

Cat paintings in your interior

  1. Would you prefer a full-size cat portrait or just a face? Depending on the general design of your apartment, both options can look to advantage. You can also choose a painting of several cats – for instance, a group of lovely kittens or two cats sitting on a moonlit roof side by side.
  2. Postures of felines in paintings can also vary. You can pick an image of a sitting, lying or jumping cat. An elegant feline figure in repose will create a calm, cozy ambience in the room while a portrait of a cat playing with a ball of yarn or hunting a butterfly will add more dynamics and charm to your interior design.
  3. Domestic cats may be the sweetest creatures in the world, but you can add an element of primeval freedom and danger to your apartment by decorating it with paintings of wild animals. Hang a picture of tiger, lion, or cheetah to give a new, luxurious ‘sound’ to your room design.
  4. There can never be too many cats! Put up a gallery of feline paintings and photos on your wall to maximize the concentration of cuteness in the room. The pictures can be placed horizontally or vertically, stacked at even or uneven intervals or hung randomly throughout the place.
  5. Cat paintings don’t necessarily have to be traditional. Why don’t you let your imagination fly and choose an image with an unexpected twist? For instance, one where cats are depicted wearing human clothes or doing things that are untypical for them – walking on hind legs, drinking tea, playing music or even kissing!

If you want to fill your home with the atmosphere of romance, check out a beautiful cat kiss painting here( Created by amazing modern artist Leonid Afremov, it shows two pretty kitties caught in the rain. However, pouring streams of water don’t bother them, because they are in love and well-hidden under a big umbrella. But the cutest thing about this scene is that one cat kisses the other! The exuberant, colorful style of this canvas won’t leave you indifferent!

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