5 Modern Paintings That Will Leave You Breathless

Modern art has many trends because artists want to express their emotions in a unique way. Sometimes they create abstract canvases that challenge our mind with tricky shapes and colors. However, there are painters who prefer clear forms and convey their ideas via bright, easily recognizable images. If you adore paintings that resemble a firework display, you should check out these five names that will leave you breathless.

1. Windswept by Linzi Lynn

Here you can see a fancy portrait of a young lady. She has a smooth and delicate skin that invites you to touch it. Her impeccable profile is sweet and pleasant, but you can’t see her eyes. Her loose hair is iridescent; it is the central part of the composition. You can’t notice any clothes on her shoulders, and that makes her look a bit fragile.

2. Kaleidoscope of Love by Leonid Afremov

The kaleidoscope painting here( depicts a strolling along the path of the city park. The man is dressed in black, and his woman is wearing a white gown, and this combination reminds us about the enternal duo of good and evil. It was raining recently, so the road is covered with colorful puddles full of swimming lights. The park is generously illuminated with lamp posts, and you can feel this warm atmosphere cuddling you.

3. Angel of Hope and Light by Karen Tarlton

This tender girl with fair hair is dressed in white and has a pair of puffy wings behind her back. She has no face, and you can imagine her traits the way you like. There is a great firework on the backdrop, and it is overlapping her skirt in the foreground as well. Her posture symbolizes peace, and she seems to be praying for love in the whole world.

4. Red Poppies by Pol Ledent

In this canvas, you can see a field of red poppies contrasting the deep blue sky. You can spot a nice two-storeyed house, and its hosts don’t want to share this luxury with anyone else. You won’t detect too many shades here, but all hues are perfectly balanced. Red, green and blue are wonderfully mixed with each other creating a wonderful composition.

5. Horse of a Different Color by Debbie Grayson Lincoln.

This horse is painted in unusual colors, red and blue, and its pace is slow and kinglike. Its mane is fluttering, and the animal itself seems to symbolize wind and freedom. If you want to enjoy such an impeccable canvas, you can buy a vibrant kaleidoscope painting online or at a local art gallery and adorn your living room with color and style.

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